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Ambon, Indonesia, 27 July – 17 August 2010

1. Introduction
Indonesia will host a marine festival called “Sail Banda 2010” which will be held in Maluku Province starting from 24th July until 17th August 2010. “Sail Banda 2010” will officially open with a yacht rally that flags off on 24 July in Darwin, Australia, and will culminate in Ambon on 3 August, where the President of the Republic of Indonesia is scheduled to witness the parade from the Ambon Bay. Vessels from the United States of America, Singapore, Australia dan Malaysia will also participate in the parade. Bearing the theme, “Small Islands for Our Future”, Sail Banda 2010 is intended to promote small islands and marine life conservation. The event is also intended to boost the development of the eastern part of Indonesia by promoting Maluku as a world-class tourism destination. The event offers strategic business opportunities for various products and services especially in the marine and tourism sectors.

Sail Banda 2010 will hold numbers of activities such as:
· Yacht Rally and Race
· International diving tournament
· International Seminar on “Sago and Spices for Food Safety”
· Seafood and Fish Products Expo
· International Symposium on Small Islands and Coral Reefs
· International Conference on Scientific Underwater Exploration and Technology
· Civic (health and education) mission called “Bhakti Surya Baskara Jaya Operation
· Port Visit

Sail Banda 2010, as a marine festival, is jointly organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, Provincial Administration of Maluku and Ministry of Culture and Tourism and supported by other related government institutions.

Media is cordially invited to cover Sail Banda 2010 and be part of the festivity in Indonesia’s annual maritime event.

2. Accreditation/Registration
a. Media representatives interested to cover SAIL BANDA 2010 can register on-line. The Media Secretariat highly recommends online registration.
b. All Media personnel interested to cover the event must register using the Media Registration forms (can be obtained from Indonesian Embassies / Representative offices or downloaded from ). download form
c. Key Dates for Media Accreditation
4 May 2010 : Online Media Registration opens
4 June 2010 : Media will be informed via email
27 July 2010 : Online Media Registration closed
d. How to register :
1) Complete the Media Registration Form.
2) Email the completed form along with soft copies of :
- Letter of assignment from the Editor/Executive of the media
- Digital Passport size color photograph
- Valid ID card/press card 2010
- Passport (valid for at least 6 months upon entry into Indonesia)
3) Email registration form and necessary document to:
4) An acknowledgement will be sent by email to media applicants after all required documents have been completed and received by the Media Secretariat. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
5) An email notification together with an ID number will be sent to confirm successful media accreditation.
6) Successful applicants are requested to bring along a copy of the confirmation letter with the ID number and to present them to the SAIL BANDA 2010 Media Secretariat for registration.
7) Completed Media Registration Form along with all required documents can also be sent to the nearest Indonesian missions abroad.

3. Visa Requirement
Successful applicants who are not based in Jakarta are required to print and bring along the copy of the confirmation letter to apply for a journalist visa at the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Representative Offices.

4. Collection of Accreditation Pass (ID)
Accreditation badges (ID) may be collected at the SAIL BANDA 2010 Media Secretariat at the office of the Governor of Maluku Province. ID must be worn at all times in a visible spot and will be required for entry into venues that are accessible to the Media.

5. Media Pool
For covering ‘Open Session’ in the event the space availability does not permit, a media pool may be applied. In this regards, special media passes will be issued and must be worn at all times together with ID badges.

6. Media Center
a. Media Center will be located at the office of the Governor of Maluku Province. Selected documentation including statements, speeches, press materials and announcement will be available at the Media Center.
b. The Media Secretariat at the Media Center will arrange Press Conference, Press Briefing, and Press Interview. Media Secretariat will also facilitate the media for interviews with other delegates on ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.
c. The Media Center will provide computers with internet access on ‘first-come, first-served’ basis due to limited number of computer.

7. Accommodation and Travel Arrangements
Media representatives will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, reservation and payments of hotel/accommodation. The media are strongly urged to make reservation as soon as possible. Further information on accommodation and travel arrangements in support of the conference can be viewed at The secretariat is not in a position to make these arrangements. Information on the list of the participating hotels in support of the conference can be viewed at the list below.

· Maluku Hotel
Jl. DR. Leimena-Laha, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-322969 / 322970
· Samudera Hotel
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-322006
· Amboina Hotel
Jl. Kapitan Ulupaha No.5A, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-355514
· Wijaya Hotel
Jl. Said Perintah 15B, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-343022
·Aston Natsepa Hotel (
Jl. Raya Natsepa No.36, Suli Salahutu, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-362555
·Mutiara Hotel (
Jl. Raya Pattimura 12, Ambon
Tel. +62-911-353075 / 353874

8. Customs Clearance Requirement
The lists of equipment must be legalized by the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Representative offices for importation and exportation purpose.

9. Contact Persons, Media Secretariat :
1) Sam E. Marentek (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) : Mobile : (+ 62 21) 81388489913
2) M. Hartantyo (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) : Mobile : (+ 62 21) 81398695135

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The Near Plan

One thing that I can’t avoid is boring, I feel bore with my routine activity. In early morning, I must wake up and prepare myself to go to work from 7.00 am until 4.00 pm and then I must go to courses after that I have a dinner with my friends until night and then I sleep. Every day I do the same activity. From this situation, I think that I must do something so that I can’t feel bore again. So, in last month, I told to my friends to traveling with me and they agree with me. We collected many information about Bali, Pangandaran, Lombok and Karimun Jawa as our destination places. We chose to go to Pangandaran. But you know, all of our plans were canceled. My Friend should came back to Bandung. I really disappointed when I heard this information but I tried to forget it.

In two weeks ago when I opened my twitter account, I read my sister’s status. She wrote that Aunt will get married. So I retweet her status. I asked her, “When will aunt get married”? She said that Aunt will get married on 7th August 2010. I am glad to hear that. I will go to Lampung next month. I am going to live in Lampung for three days. Maybe, I will leave Yogyakarta on 5th August 2010 and I will back on 8th August 2010. I will go to Lampung by Bus. I think that it will be a special moment. Finally, Aunt is going to married. When I go to Lampung, I guess I will not be bore again because I will meet my new Family in Lampung. I will prepare the wedding party together. I will enjoy my trip. Yes, it will be pleasure.