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Moluccas is a small island. It’s located between Indian Ocean on the south and Pacific Ocean on the north. Moluccas consists of several districts. They are Central of Moluccas, Southeast of Moluccas and a municipality. The capital city of central Moluccas is Masohi. The capital city of Southeast Moluccas is Tual and Ambon is capital city of municipality. Moluccas has many islands. So it is called the thousand islands. Each island consists of many villages. Each village has a king as a village leader. I was born in Central of Moluccas. I come from one of the villages in Central Moluccas. Its name is Amahai. It’s a beautiful village. I’ll never forget this village.

Moluccas has many culture, traditional dancing, traditional food, traditional ceremonies, and many tourist attractions that you can visit. Some of the dances as I know are Bambu Gila Dance, Katreji Dance, Lengso Dance, Orapley Dance, Tifa Dance, and etc. The Bambu Gila dance is very unique. Each dancer performs a ritual before they dance, so that they will be filled by the spirit that gave strength for them to followed the current direction of bamboo. It is unique, isn’t it? Society of Moluccas is very friendly. They care with the others. They assume that all people are brothers although they aren't born from the same parent.

Traditional food of Moluccas is Sago. I think Sago is Manna from heaven which God gave to people of Moluccas. Sago is never planted by human, but it grows by its self. It is not cultivated. Sago has many uses. Its flour can be used as much snacks and foods. One of them is Papeda. This food is very delicious for people of Moluccas, maybe not for all.

Inauguration of the King is a traditional ceremony that is often performed by people of Moluccas. It is a big party in each village. Everyone who left the village will be back to celebrate the party with their family, Pela – Gandong party Also. This is a party between two villages. They committe to be always together. The deal is tied with the blood of each king.

Tourist attractions that you can visit are beach and the sea. The beach which is being highlighted is the Natsepa beach. This beach looks like Kuta beach in Bali. Around the coast, there is a nice hotel. Its name is Aston Hotel. The Sea of Banda is also visited frequently by foreign tourists. They go to the sea of Banda to dive and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs in the deep of the sea. This sea is the deepest sea in Indonesia

Souvenirs that you can buy are woven fabric and many are made of marine things. A very famous is Pearl and the other is the eucalyptus oil.


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